Thursday, June 7, 2012

Scent List S-Y

Saffron & Cedar - Wonderful arrangement of freshly cut cedar trees surrounded by saffron spice, violet, and geranium; all sitting on base notes of vetiver and warm musk.

Salty Mariner - Crisp ozone-type scent with hints of salty sea spray and a touch of floral at the base. For me, this scent was love at first wash ;)

Sandalwood - This haunting and mysterious soft fragrance has been used since ancient times for its rich, warm, oriental aroma. Perfect alone or create a complex marvelous combination of your own creation. A classic! The longer this 'sets' the stronger it will become over time. Absolutely divine!

Sandalwood Incense - Smells like it's namesake with a hint of earthy musk.

Sandy Beach - Just like a day at the beach; this has exotic and dreamy like notes of creamy sandalwood, golden sands, vanilla musk, herbal eucalyptus, jasmine petals and soft touches of ylang ylang. Reminiscent of the scent of the seawater splashing against rocks and sand. Would also make a wonderful men's scent.

Sangria Cobbler - Fruit salad of oranges, peaches, lemons, and wild berries macerated in red wine sweetened by caramel.

Santa Banana - Freshly baked vanilla bean banana cupcake iced with buttercream frosting and a slice of banana placed on top. A Sudsy's exclusive.

Satsuma - The Japanese Satsuma is a unique, aromatic citrus fruit. Satsuma fragrance is a wonderful blend of orange, mandarin, mango, peach, lime, jasmine, and orange flowers. Energizing and intoxicating!

Scandalous - Our Pink Sugar type flirts with our sweet, Sweet Orange and drops a sexy note with Gardenia. A Sudsy's Soaps blend. Contains essential oil.

Sea Glass - One of our favorite aquatics, this is a smooth blend of citrus, marine, ozone and a base of woods.

Seaside Escape - Winter blues got you down? This has tender notes of water lily and apple blossom dancing on top of sweet sandalwood with soft bergamot. Fresh marine completes the scent. Sweet, fruity and aquatic just like a real beach vacation!

Sensuous - An exotic, floral fantasy temptation. A blend orchid, jasmine and freesia with sensual skin musks and sultry sandalwood create this captivating fragrance. Our interpretation of a scent by a popular company.

Sexy Sandalwood - Warm seductive blend of sandalwood, musk, amber, patchouli and cinnamon.

Sexy Vanilla - An intoxicating aroma blend that features vanilla bean, comforting cedar wood, sensual musk, warm patchouli and a drop of jasmine. Our version of a scent by a popular company.

Shea & Coconut - Fresh shavings of delicate coconut blended with scattered tiny grains of sensual sandalwood and topped with rich, creamy shea butter. A light yet incredible scent, similar but not exact to a popular company's discontinued scent.

Shelter Me - After a crazy day away from home there's nothing better than the comfort of your home. Instant relaxation with this uplifting and comforting fragrance blend of black currant, cassis and fresh citrus tones of orange and bergamot. Our interpretation of a scent by a popular company.

Snickerdoodle - Delicious creamy vanilla, pure sugar, warm cinnamon and sugar sprinkles!

Snow Angel - As soft, fresh and clean as new fallen snow. A heavenly harmony of musky, soft, powdery notes. Top notes of sweet honey blend with a floral middle of carnation, lily, and jasmine. A soft, delicate bottom is created with touches of vanilla, sandalwood, violet, and balsamic musk. So awesome, keeping this year round!

Snowball - Fluffy white clouds of icing decorating the perfect cake! Our Snowball is a decadent and delicious pure almond icing. Our version of a similar scent by a popular company.

Snow Berry - A luscious berry blend of loganberry and strawberry combined with cooling peppermint, pine and zesty cinnamon. Seasonal, may be available upon request.

Snuggles - The ultimate clean laundry scent with notes of mimosa, orange, jasmine and violet with ozone and marine.

Stargazer Lily - Capture the sweet, sensual, and addictive fragrance from this hybrid oriental lily.

Sticky Batter - Sweet and nutty notes open this delicious fragrance. It consists of top notes of almonds, honey, pistachio and dates. Middle notes of iris, a fusion of milk and brown sugar; ending on notes of ambrette seeds, cereal and myrrh. Our version of a fragrance by a popular company.

Sticky Pink Smooches - Sticky melting marshmallows spun with honey and vanilla bean paste with a light dusting of pink sugar. A Sudsy's best-selling exclusive.

Strawberry Daiquiri - Smooth juicy strawberry with rum and crushed ice.

Strawberry Kiwi Sorbet - Deliciously fruity fragrance features orange slices, lemon frozen ice, sparkling kumquat, wild strawberry sorbet, kiwi slushy, iced pineapple, vanilla frost and pink musk.

Strawberry Lemonade - Fresh squeezed lemonade with summer ripened strawberries. Yep, we love strawberries! :)

Strawberry Musk - Blend of soft musk with sandalwood, myrrh and fresh strawberries. Another of our favorite scents. You won't find a blend exactly like this!

Strawberry Shake - Sweet memories are made when you smell this delightful combination of vine ripened strawberries combined with notes of juicy orange and peach nectar.

Strawberry Shortcake - The aroma of buttery vanilla cake with notes of freshly sliced strawberries, with base notes of rich vanilla cream.

Sugar Berries - Dancing in your head.. this is a delightful blend of sugar plums, holiday berries and a light touch of spruce coated with a heaping spoonful of sugar. So delightful, keeping all year round!

Sugar Cookie - This is a delicious and exclusive sugar cookie blend that you won't find anywhere else! This blend includes notes of delicious creamy vanilla, pure sugar and delicious sugar sprinkles! The longer you let this set, the richer it develops.. mmm!

Sugar Cookie Brulee - An incredibly, delectible gourmand scent which combines rich, velvety vanilla, creamy butterscotch, sugar cane, and just the right amount of freshly baked sugar cookies.

Sugared Pinecone - A wonderful southern pine and a warm vanilla blended together. The vanilla takes the edge off the pine and makes a very warm and fragrant blend. Seasonal, available upon request.

Sugar Plum Dreams - A sweet mixture of plums sprinkled with sugar as they dance through the dreams of a child as they lay asleep the night before Christmas. Seasonal, available upon request.

Summer Escape - Caribbean sweet tropical blend of melon, raspberry nectar, Italian lemon, creamy coconut and raw sugarcane. Our interpretation of a blend by a popular company.

Summer Melon - Juicy blend of ripe mango, watery melon, and fresh papaya.

Summer Mint - Moroccan mint, garden fresh cucumber, juicy clementine, cyclamen blossoms with lily and cactus. For all you herbal and garden lovers! Swoon!

Summer Orange Flower - Blooming petals of orange flower fragrantly embrace this beautiful creation. Summer orange flower is a fresh fragrance reminiscent of sunny summer days. Blended with of hints of neroli, orange blossoms, a splash of grapefruit and sweet summer coconut, this lovely scent just says Summer!

Sun Dried Cotton - Very popular and clean laundry type scent composed of lemon, mandarin, cotton blossom, ylang ylang and a single rose. Our version of a scent by a popular company.

Sunny & Sand - Summery ozone blend of light floral with a touch of salt water, sand and suntan lotion. Our version of a popular fragrance.

Supermodel - Flirty, colorful blend of succulent purple passion fruit, burgundy Tuscan grapes, sun-kissed yellow peonies, fragrant vanilla orchids, and just a hint of fresh greenery. Our interpretation of a scent by a popular company.

Sweet Frosting - A very sweet creamy frosting. Great for layering your scents!

Sweet Milk & Honey - This is a baby-soft fragrance with the essence of buttermilk, amber, hint of musk with a drop of honey ending on a creamy base.

Sweet Muffin - Rich, sweet butterscotch and warm and wonderful spices are blended with bakery tones to create this sweet treat. Cinnamon is added to balance the rich buttery tones mingled with maple sugar and bakery notes creating the ultimate treat and creamy vanilla bean to finish this warm and wonderful scent!

Sweet Orange - The aroma of a fresh cut orange. Essential oil. Blends well with just about all scents from herbal to floral to bakery to other fruity scents.

Sweet Patchouli - Complex yet simple Sudsy's blend; a true, warm vanilla blended with dark patchouli.

Sweet Pea - As sweet and delicate as genuine sweet pea flowers.

Sweet Potato Soufflé - Sweet yams with hints of marshmallow, butter, brown sugar, nutmeg and cinnamon.

Sweet Sandalwood - Fragrant grains of sandalwood polished with sweet vanilla and white musk.

Sweet Strawberry - A farmer's fresh blend of strawberry, raw sugar cane with a hint of green apple and vine. `This strawberry is divine on my skin chemistry but strawberry is a tricky one to capture on different people. I'd highly suggest this in a scrub or room spray as well.`

Sweet Tarts - Sweet sugar and layered in sweet and sour notes of various fruits and citrus! Sweet, sassy, fruity and fun!

Sweet Tooth Fairy - Strawberry cotton candy with a sprinkling of pink bubble gum. Our interpretation of a scent by a popular company.

Tahitian Vanilla - The aroma of a creamy, caramel, fruity vanilla.

Tangerine - Uplifting, energizing, balance, relaxation. Essential Oil. Blends well.

Tea & Honey - Fresh brewed tea with fresh honey. Uplifting yet soothing. Unique and refreshing.

Tea Tree - This is essential oil. Refreshing, herbal, medicinal, and camphoraceous. We make no certain medical claims, however this oil has many uses.

Toasted Hazelnut - Intoxicating aroma of freshly toasted hazelnuts with base notes of vanilla and butter. Our version of a discontinued fragrance by a popular company.

Toasted Marshmallow - Remember that sweet-toasty aroma of hot marshmallow over the campfire? This is it! A light, close to the skin type of scent. Blends well with other scents.

Trick or Treat? - Unique and fun, tricks or treats fragrance is a must for Halloween and beyond! Trick or treat fragrance begins with top notes of pumpkin, persimmon, and apple; followed by middle notes of blueberries, elderberries, currants, orange and cinnamon; and well rounded with base notes of sugar cane and vanilla.

Tropical Spice - This rendition of a scent by a popular company opens with Spiced rum, cinnamon bark, clove leaf, jasmine petals, Tahitian vanilla with sexy sandalwood and musk. Incredible, the dry down is divine.

Tropical Tiki - Fuzzy peaches, ripe strawberries, shredded coconut, pineapple juice, sun-shined grapefruit and apples brighten this tropical blend. Best seller!

True Vanilla - This vanilla is crisp and fresh, not buttery. Similar to vanilla extract.

Truffles - The rich, sweet appeal of truffles is recreated in this luscious temptation. Creamy tones of shredded coconut are warmed with a hint of spice and blended with rich caramel accents to create a gourmand delight. A smooth accord of velvety white chocolate & powdered rich chocolate surround the candy sensation.

Twigs & Berries - A fruity floral combination of strawberries, oranges, and apples; accompanied by sweet floral aromas of jasmine, rose geranium, and oakmoss.

Twilight Hour - Masculine and sensually fresh blend of citrus zests, cedar leaf, rich spices, luxurious vetiver, white pepper, deep musk and light patchouli. Our version of a scent by a popular company.

Unconditionally Yours - Blackberry and black currant combine with white floral tones and a base of cashmere vanilla. Our version of a scent by a popular company.

Unlimited Dreams - Meyer lemon drops mixed with peonies and jasmine to form this fresh floral fragrance. Soft hints of rose, carnation and cyclamen round out this beautifully sweet aroma. Our version of a scent by a popular company.

Vahine Heart - An enticing floral arrangement consisting of bergamot, orange, peach, and passion fruit; with middle notes of cinnamon, rose, jasmine, Tahitian Opuhi petals; ending on dry notes of sandalwood, vanilla pods, and musk. Our interpretation of a scent by a popular company.

Vamp's Bite - Fang delight with fresh citrus notes of lime and orange sparkle with effervescent highlights as they lead to a luscious blend of berry and cherry in this playful scent. Leafy green accents add intensity as a base of vanilla creates sweet tones for the fragrance. Dracula would fall in lust with this fragrance!

Vanilla Cafe - This harmony of rich roasted Jamaican coffee and sweet vanilla beans is a delightful temptation.

Vanilla Dreams - Fabulous blend of vanilla, sweet lavender, and clary sage. Very mellow and not too sweet. Our interpretation of a similar fragrance by a popular co.

Vanilla Lavender - Calming lavender with an undertone of soothing vanilla.

Vanilla Noel - Delicious sugar cookies with rich, buttery vanilla. Layers well with just about every scent imaginable. Our interpretation of a similar scent by a popular company.

Vanilla Sandalwood - The beautiful combination of luscious, rich vanilla, and earthy Indian sandalwood. Reformulated and smells amazing!

Vanille Apricot - This is a fresh, fruity fragrance consisting of jack fruit, apricot and tropical papaya and ends with notes of sweet, sugary vanilla. Our interpretation of a scent by a popular company.

Venus - Alluring sweet smell of raw honey and fresh clover drawing you near while exotic fantasy florals envelope your senses.

Verbena & Vanilla - Relieve your stress with bright verbena, Sicilian lemon, orange zests, jasmine, creamy heliotrope, hint of amber with soothing white musk and precious woods. Our version of a scent by a popular company.

Violet - Purple floral, shy and sweet. Our strongest yet.

Violet Candy - Fluffy mounds of cotton candy laced with sweet, shy violet. A Sudsy's blend.

Virgin Water - Like a summer island breeze this fragrance has top notes of bergamot, lime, mandarin and coconut with middle notes of hibiscus, ylang ylang and ginger and bottom notes of musk, rum and sugar cane. Our version of a scent by a popular company.

Voluptuous Ambra - This is so inviting and plush. Voluptuous, heady amber enhanced with cardamom and luscious Madagascar vanilla. Our interpretation of a similar scent by a popular company.

Warm Embrace - This duplicate of the popular discontinued designer type fragrance is a comforting aroma that seduces the senses with its combination of fruits, flowers, spices and warmth.

Warmest Vanilla Sugar - A warm vanilla aroma with a musky back note. A duplication type scent, similar to a popular brand.

Watermelon - Fresh and juicy watermelon. Not as candy-like as our Pink Watermelon yet still a sweet melon scent. Blends and layers well.

Water Orchid - Water orchids, fresh bergamot, sparkling lemon, sweet orange, pink jasmine, blooming narcissus, soft musk.

Whispers - Sweet, exotic, precious wood scent blended with ozone and rosewood, then gently infused with musky sandalwood, teak wood and vanilla. Very unisex.

White Chocolate - The aroma of creamy cocoa butter, marshmallow, meringue, white chocolate, and vanilla beans.

White Chocolate Covered Cherries - Smelling this fragrance creates a vivid image of a gourmet chocolates store. With its unique blend of tart cherries, buttery vanilla and silky white chocolate, it's absolutely irresistible.

White Tea - Fresh, crisp, clean tea with sweet, fruity undertones.

White Tea & Cactus - Soft white tea blossoms enhanced by sweet green watery cantaloupe notes, reminder of freshly sliced cactus with hints of lemon zest & wood chips on a dry down of musk & vanilla.

White Tea & Ginger - A wonderfully pleasant blend of delicate white tea mingled with fresh ginger. Our interpretation of a similar fragrance by a popular co.

Winter Cafe - Freshly brewed coffee swirled with hot chocolate and kissed by cool peppermint. A Sudsy's blend.

Witching Hour - Spicy, magical... This accord begins with freshly ground cinnamon bark,  and complimented with herbal notes of bergamot, cannabis flower, jasmine, and rose; and sits on earthy base notes of sheer musk, black tea, and patchouli.

Wood Berry - An explosion of wild blackberries and strawberries, combined with just the right amount of earthy woods.

Wood Vanilla - Absolutely delicious blend with hints of coconut milk, black vanilla absolute, beeswax, caramelized benzoin, licorice, bitter almond, Gaiac wood, Tonka bean and sandalwood. Our version of a fragrance by a popular company.

Ylang Ylang - Alluring floriental that combines natures most exotic, sumptuous floral-Ylang Ylang.

Yum Yum - Fruit medley of strawberries, raspberries, cherries, and tree ripe peaches squeezed with fresh lemons and essential oil of tangerine warmed by soft woods. Our interpretation of a scent by a popular company.

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